Our Story

We met while taking an online writing course. It wasn't long before we discovered we shared more than a desire to further our writing skills. We found we were in the same place with our novels and nearly the same place in our lives. Despite living on opposite coasts, we became accountability partners.

That partnership grew into a friendship. That friendship led to this site.


Meet the Co-Founders


Linda Bernadette Burgess


I consider myself a multi-passionate artist and love creating through writing, drawing, and design but feel most content when I’m writing. My focus has been on a Contemporary YA novel, but I also write poetry, short stories, and blog posts.

When not writing I stay busy, self-employed in the design, print, and custom apparel industry. My husband is also my business partner, and we are proud parents of two pitbull rescues.

I try my best to balance work and writing while maintaining my health with Multiple Sclerosis, but some days really test my sanity.  Diane helps keep me focused, brave, looking forward and most important, laughing. I am always ready for a new week after we talk.

Photo of Diane

Diane DeMasi Johnson


I find joy in writing and I love a challenge, which is probably why I have tried many forms of writing: Articles, blogs, essays, newspaper columns, guest posts, business profiles, catalog copy, short stories, and long-form fiction.

Beyond my writing life, I’m a warden to a husband, two cats, and a pack of boys (the last of which arrived as a matched set).  Usually, I’m sane. Sometimes I’m not, which is why having Linda as my accountability partner/ cheerleader/ co-brainstormer/ therapist/ friend has helped my productivity.

Next Steps...

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