The most common questions we receive:

Is this for fiction writers only?

No. We Got This Write Now is for all writers. We welcome freelance, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, copywriting, etc....

It's also for any genre of fiction: picture books, chapbooks, young adult, literary, short stories, mystery, romance, horror, etc.... 

All writers need support whether we're working to pitch a novel or an article. 

What's this hashtag thing - #SprintWithWGT?

When you have time to write, log into Twitter or Instagram and search or follow the #SprintWithWGT.  Example: "Just found 7 precious minutes of writing time, going in. #SprintWithWGT"

The purpose is that you get to let others know you're writing. If someone else is at the keyboard and sees the post, we ask people to encourage one another. If I logged in and saw that you posted that comment an hour ago, I'd say something like: "@WhoeverYouAre, how'd it go? I'm diving in to write myself. #SprintWithWGT."

It's a small way to keep yourself accountable. Plus, when others are writing at the same time, it's nice to know you're not alone.

All we ask is that you write. Check-in, start writing, check out with a small bit of encouragement for others.

When do we use the hashtag?

Any time you start to write.

We want to see the hashtag going at all hours of every day. A constant reminder that we are not doing this alone. 

If you want to know for certain that someone is writing at the same time you are:

Linda is on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 EST.

Diane is on Monday mornings at 5:30  PST.

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Are there rules?

Not many. All we ask is that everyone is courteous to each other.

Be encouraging and supportive.