Why You Should Join A Writing Sprint

What is a writing sprint? How does it work? What benefits do you gain when participating in a writing sprint? So many valid questions and we’re here to answer them.

What is a Writing Sprint?

A Writing Sprint is a set time where people join together and write. This can be done anywhere: In person, on the phone, or over social media. All have the same end goal: Write. All provide a form of accountability.

How Does it Work?

In person, you meet a group of people at a pre-determined location, date, and time and write. Via phone, you call a person on a predetermined day and time and write.

For social media: you can do a predetermined day and time or you can jump in and write whenever and, as the hashtag, #SprintWithWGT grows, you are more likely to have others join you and let you know they’re writing as well. And other writers can send encouragement.

The biggest benefit of Twitter writing sprints is that if you only have fifteen minutes, you can jump in and go.  And as more people use the #SprintWithWGT hashtag, the more people there will be writing with you or encouraging you along the way.

Whether you are meeting a group, Skype-ing with a friend, or using social media, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are writing and you are reaching your goals. The Twitter Sprints work for most people because, let’s face it, sometimes getting out of the house is a pain. And sometimes we just want to wear our PJs with our hair tied up and not have to put on makeup or, if your a guy who shaves, you don’t want to shave.

How do our Twitter Sprints work?

We pop on Twitter, post our goal, use the hashtag so others can find us, and start writing. If we run for coffee, we may post an encouraging word to continue support for others writing. We love to like your tweets, but you have to tag us so we know you’re there.

You can follow and tag us at @WGTWrite

Follow and tag Linda at @lindabburgess (you can usually find her sprinting on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm EST)

Follow and Tag Diane @DianeDeMasi  (you can usually find me sprinting on Monday mornings at 5:30 am PST)

Use the hashtag #SprintWithWGT

We then post our goal for what we’re writing and start writing. Here’s an example:

Why should I participate?

Let’s face it we all would love to have a group of writers to meet and write with once in a while. But sometimes we haven’t found the right group yet. Or we have to share the car with a spouse, or the drive is too far, or (and I will fess up here this is usually me) we just want to be a hermit.

A phone writing session can be awkward knowing that you’re on the phone with dead space, personally, I have the need to fill the dead space, so writing doesn’t come easy but there are people who do this regularly.

Social media requires no preplanning. We do have two sessions that we guarantee someone will be writing just so others don’t feel alone, but they are not the only times we write and we hope to see everyone using the hashtag at all hours. Just remember to use the hashtag (#SprintWithWGT) and tag us (@WGTWrite) so we can cheer you on.

***Number One Reason You Should Participate***

This is a form of accountability. If you post your goal, you’re more apt to reach it. We also want you to know, you’re not alone. There are days, we set our writing on the back burner because no one is going to check in on us and you know the kids need dinner or a relative needs a ride to someplace or the laundry is threatening to swallow you. We can always get distracted. Knowing that we just told somebody, “Hey, I’m writing right now.” Solidifies to yourself, you are working.

REMEMBER Writing Sprints:

Increase your writing

Promote accountability

Grow Friendships

Who is this for –  Fiction writers, non-fiction writers, freelance writers?

This is for ALL writers.

  • That means fiction writers (of all genres)
  • Non-fiction writers (of all subjects: parenting, financial, historical, etc…)
  • Memoirists
  • Freelance writers who want the accountability of getting that article or blog post or white paper done.
  • Writers who are on a mission to journal their feelings, their life, or their daily grind.
  • Writers who never plan on sharing their words with another person, but want the accountability to stick to their writing goals.
  • This is for anyone and everyone who writes.

We hope to see you through in our Twitter writing sprints soon. Don’t forget to sign up for our email where we share special sprint days with special guest sprinters.


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